Leave taking . . .

The time has come for me to part ways with my left foot. Our journey together has, for a long time, been very painful. There have been many turning points, many many consultations and debates with many many doctors about alternatives, all aimed at finding a way for me to live my life with a functional pain-free foot. Knowing this is the biggest turning point of all, my left foot will leave on Monday 14th May 2012 for early retirement (amputation). I shall start a new chapter of my life in which I will, in time, be able to walk out into the world with a new (prosthetic) foot.

Using the Reconciliation Labyrinth ‘in reverse’, I have placed a message on each of my feet at the point in the labyrinth (the exit) where the two walkers - my feet - having started the journey together, prepare to separate and leave the labyrinth of life apart from each other. The messages painted in henna on my feet are in isiXhosa, the South African language most spoken in the Cape where I live. An isiXhosa speaker who is staying will say to the one departing “Hamba kakuhle” meaning “Go well” and the reply from the one leaving (my left foot) is “Sala kakuhle” meaning “Stay well” to the one left behind. If you would like to follow my progress go to http://myleftfoot.withtank.com/. And please pray for me for strength, serenity and fortitude on the journey ahead.